About the Chef

Mike's Story

Mike Bradshaw, Chef and Co-Owner of Chez’s, has been surrounded by food for most of his life, beginning when he was a child in the kitchen with his mother. At a young age, he discovered his passion for cooking, which has fueled his career. Chef Mike worked to gain knowledge and improve his skills for nearly a decade in some of Europes finest establishments, such as Smith’s of Smithfield, Kettners Restaurant, and Chai 33 Restaurant, to name a few. Training under his mentor Yossi Edri, Bradshaw began honing his skills and striving for excellence. Chef Mike advanced his career and training in some of London’s prestigious Michelin Star restaurants, before transitioning to Paris to explore his passion for French cuisine.


Returning to Canada

Upon returning to Canada, Mike began working towards the dream of opening his own restaurant. Applying his skills, enthusiasm, and knowledge of global cuisine, Mike Bradshaw alongside Alexandra Velocci, opened Chez’s in Fall of 2017, bringing globally inspired fare to Little Italy.

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